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9 interesting facts only die-hard Angles fans will know

Based in Anaheim, California, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have a colourful history. Outlined below are a few random facts and trivia that you’ll most likely already have come across if you’re quite the supporter of The Halos.

 Their name

Their name, although awesome, is ridiculously redundant if you think about it – Los Angeles translates as ‘the angels’ from Spanish into English, which means that the team’s name is actually The Angels The Angels. Just in case we didn’t get it the first time.

 The first no-hitter in Angel’s history

The first no-hitter in the team’s history was pitched by Bo Belinsky against the Orioles in 1962.

Their first trade

Jim McAnany was traded for Lou Johnson in April, 1961.

First ever Angel lead in batting average

On the last day of the 1970 season, Alex Johnson was the first Angles player to lead the league in battening average, going 2 for 3 on the last day. He beat Red Sox player Carl Yastrzemski for the title.

The first Angels’ manager

Bil Rigney was the first ever Angel’s manager, leading the team from 1961 until the 1969 season. His win average achieved with the team was a 469 win percentage

First American League Championship win

Their first American League Championship win came in 2002, defeating the San Francisco Giants. They beat them 4 games to 3 under the lead of Mike Scioscia (formerly a Los Angeles Dodgers catcher).

 The first player to hit more than 30 homeruns in a season

This was achieved by Leon Wager in 1962 when he hit 37 homeruns in a single season.

They’ve set 5 Guinness World Records

They’ve managed to do this by being the team that has pulled the biggest amount of people clothed in cowboy hats, wigs, Santa hats and more bizarre head attire.

They’ve scored more runs than any other team in baseball

So when you’re selecting the over/under on any game involving the Angels on US Sports Betting, be sure to take the over.

This brings us to our Angels trivia – but trust me, there is plenty more where that came from. Some are inspiring, some less so. If you’re a die-hard angels fan, you’ve probably read all that you need to know about them already. Who knows, though – you may come across a few surprises. If you find that you’d like to contribute, consider browsing through a list of sports-related jobs and put your skills to good use!