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Big Ben is a Pittsburgh Legend

The 2016 NFL season has just got underway and the fan frenzy is reaching its boiling point. This is not just a statement but is backed up by data of items being sold which are related to different teams and players of the National Football League. Similarly wagers and bets are being put on people’s favorites or the ones which are tipped off to be hits this season. Sometimes you get returns on these bets sometimes you don’t, but by logging in to slot-machines/ you can almost guarantee yourself extra cash at the end of your online session.

The class of the NFL

The Pittsburg Steelers is one of the most, rather the most successful franchise in NFL history with a tally of 6 Super Bowl wins, more than anyone in the history of NFL. Some players in the Steelers have been legendary. This is not only endorsed by their stats alone but can also be gauged by the number of their uniform shirts sold in the market. Ben Roethlisberger is one such legend for the Steelers endorsing the number 7 jersey worn by his idol John Elway. This is one of the most selling jerseys in the NFL.

Big Ben Continues the Winning Trend

Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Sr. was born on March 2nd of 1982 and is nicknamed “Big Ben” because of this 6’5” 240 lbs frame. He plays on the most important position of any American football team: quarter back. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was drafted in 2004 after playing college football at the Miami University. He was named the rookie of the year in his first season and went on to become the youngest quarterback in the history of NFL to win the Super Bowl at the young age of 23. He won his second Super Bowl for the Steelers in a Hollywood movie like fashion when he threw a touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes in the dying moments of the match against the Arizona Cardinals. This was the sixth Super Bowl title, more than any other NFL franchise.

Some stats that tell you that Roethlisberger is an absolute genius are:

  1. Ranked 9th in passer rating in NFL history.
  2. Ranked 6th in yards per attempt in NFL history.
  3. Ranked 10th in completion percentage for quarterbacks in NFL history.
  4. He has the fourth highest career winning percentage.

He has invented the term for his outside the pocket play. He calls it “backyard football” and has been successful over the years with this strategy as his stats clearly prove.