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Football and Other Peculiarities of Ukrainian Women You Need to Know

The popularity of Ukrainian women took western countries by storm. This phenomenon can be easily explained by the fact that a lot of people find Ukrainian girls be far more attractive than Russian women. It is also believed that they are way easier to handle than their Russian counterparts. Still, dating a Ukrainian woman requires knowledge of the peculiarities of those beautiful Slavic females.

It’s Better to Become Friends First

The main mistake that western men make when approaching Ukrainian women is trying to treat them the same way as Russian women. While Ukrainians and Russians may have mutual past, but in reality, they are quite different nationalities, which means that female representatives have absolutely different attitudes to life and relationships.

While a Russian woman prefers romantic relationships to start as fast as possible, a Ukrainian woman would take her time to find out more about you to figure out whether she wants to be with you or not. So, if you want to date a Ukrainian girl be ready to become her friend first.

You Need to Be Keen on Sport

If you really want to date a Ukrainian girl, you need to be keen on sport. Yep, you’ve heard it right, and we are not talking about shopping as of some kind of sport. The vast majority of Ukrainian women are big sports aficionados, especially when it comes to football. And there is no need to be jealous and think that they are watching the game because they are interested in football players. No, they are actually watching the game. That’s why it is very important to know at least something about football, as she may want to discuss the game with you afterwards.

Views on Marriage and Family

A lot of men believe that Ukrainian and Russian women have the same view on marriage and family. While family plays an important role for both, the attitude, however, differs. Russian women view each part of the family as equally important, thus a husband is as important as a child. For Ukrainian women, the main part of the family is a child. It doesn’t mean that a Ukrainian woman loves her husband less, but if you ask her to choose between a husband and a child, she will choose a child.

When it comes to marriage, winning a Ukrainian woman’s heart requires more efforts than luring a Russian girl, which can be easily explained by the difference between their cultural backgrounds. Russian culture is known to be patriarchal, where everything is male-centered. A man is granted respect from women. Ukrainian culture, on the contrary, is matriarchal, where a woman is a central figure, and a man needs to earn respect.


Now you are a bit closer to make your dream of dating a Ukrainian woman come true. You know that it is better to become friends with her and let her know you better before you take your relationship to the next stage. You know that you need to deserve your respect, and the best way to do that is to show that you really know a lot about football. Moreover, one of your dates can take place at the football match.