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Heaps of Home Runs in the World Series

The World Series saw Vin Scully Avenue take in an unprecedented deluge of home runs on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros came together for eight –the most in World Series history!

The Balls are Juiced!

Dallas Keuchel, pitcher for the Astros, stated that, in his view, the balls are juiced, quote unquote. He made the statement after his team evened out the Series with a 7 – 6 victory in 11 wild innings of Game 2. He added that the MLB is after a show, and that his team had managed to crush the record for homeruns this year.

Keuchel, a recipient of the Cy Young Award, whose team lost Game 1 on a two-run homerun by Justin Turner that only just cleared the leftfield fence, said he was 100% certain of this fact. Keuchel depends on precision, not on power, in order to provoke weak contact from the hitters. His very survival depends on being able to read their swings, and he is sure about what he’s seen.

As punters tear themselves away from horse racing betting sites to watch the World Series unfold, Keuchel added that the really powerful players in the league are going to get theirs, quote unquote. He said that the difference became evident in the midrange players, and the fact that these guys were hitting more than 20 home runs. He said that this shouldn’t be happening, obviously, and yet it most certainly was.

The MLB is Determined on Delivering a Show

Keuchel continued by saying that this is the goal of Major League Baseball. They want thrilling leads of two home runs where players then come back and hit another, keeping spectators glued to their seats, and that’s exactly what they’re getting. Any sort of upset always makes for great entertainment, and in many ways, this is even better!

This is essentially what happened in Game 2, as the Astros and the Dodgers combined for a total of five runs as the game went into extra innings. This has never happened before, even in regular season games.

Postseason Continues the Major League Records

Players in the Major League combined for a record total of 6 105 home runs this year, and the postseason has seen exactly the same pattern continuing. The first batter, Brian Dozier from the Minnesota Twins, went deep in order to begin the initial wild-card-game.

In their National League Championship Series defeat to the Dodgers, the Chicago Cubs managed to score eight runs on HRs and none any other way. Of the 17 HR scores so far in the 2017 World Series, 14 were as a result of homeruns.

Ken Giles, closer for the Astros, wearily chimed in that everyone was swinging for the fences. He served up the tenth inning blast to Yasiel Puig in Game 2, and added that home runs have been the big play in the series so far, and that his team needed to find a way to stop it.