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Top Prospects

As 2016 kicks off the Angels once again find themselves in the unenviable position of having the worst-rated farm system in baseball. This is now the third time in four seasons that Baseball America has bestowed this “honor” upon the organization, and while it hasn’t seemed to yet have a deleterious effect on outcomes in Anaheim, one imagines it will eventually will.

There are still prospects in the organization who have promise, of course, but none at the moment have the pedigree or ceiling to make anyone’s Top 100 prospects list. As prospect development is much more of an art than a science, though, it’s impossible to rule out that one or more of the players mentioned below won’t take a huge step forward this season and end up ensconced on a list or three next year.

So while it’s concerning to see the organization continually lambasted by scouts, there is always room for optimism. High-floor prospects don’t often develop into high-ceiling MLB players, but it does happen from time to time.

Below is our list of the club’s top prospects for 2016, dutifully compiled by Scott Allen with the help of scouts, insiders, and the ol’ naked eye. Click each player’s name to link to their full prospect profile:

  1. Taylor Ward
  2. Kyle Kubitza
  3. Jahmai Jones
  4. Jett Bandy
  5. Joe Gatto
  6. Grayson Long
  7. Kaleb Cowart
  8. Chad Hinshaw
  9. Roberto Baldoquin
    (9b. Ji-Man Choi)
  10. Alex Yarbrough
  11. Nate Smith
  12. Victor Alcantara
  13. Natanael Delgado
  14. Ayendy Perez
  15. Brendon Sanger
  16. Kyle McGowin
  17. Sherman Johnson
  18. Eduardo Paredes
  19. Bo Way
  20. David Fletcher
  21. Greg Mahle
  22. Tim Arakawa
  23. Jeremy Rhoades
  24. Alex Abbott
  25. Hunter Green
  26. Jared Foster
  27. Jake Jewell
  28. Julio Garcia
  29. Andrew Daniel
  30. Samuel Pastrone



LHP Jonah Wesely – Jonah has the mentality and pitches to be a major league reliever.  That much was clear this year before Tommy John surgery.  We’re looking forward to seeing him back on the mound late next year or shortly thereafter.

CF Kyle Survance – Injured early on, so I couldn’t get the sort of read I was hoping for.  But the early numbers do pop out, and the scouting report from college indicated he plays excellent defense, has good bat to ball skills and can really fly on the bases.  I’m looking forward to seeing this next year.

OF Michael Hermosillo – Brings a good OBP, speed, and defense into the mix as a young 20-year-old.  Should repeat A Ball next year.

3B Zach Houchins – Solid power, trouble with OBP, can capably play 3B and SS at times.