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Size Really Doesn’t Matter –Just Look at Jose Altuve

Lance McCullers Jr has sent out a special request for all writers framing the World Series of 2017. His Houston Astros teammate, one Jose Altuve, will likely do something incredible in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and McCullers is predicting the text.

McCullers pointed out that every time Altuve does something good; there is always some kind of commentary on his size. McCullers, the pitcher who closed out the playoffs for the American League to get Houston in with a chance for its first title, is tired of it.

A Different Focus is Required

In much the same way that the best tennis bets never took Anna Kournikova’s good looks into account, McCullers wants people to get over Altuve’s size. McCullers said that, as a player, Altuve is far beyond the point where every mention of his talent has to contain a reference to his stature, and that the focus should be on the fact that Altuve is a serious contender for the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball Players This Short are Rare, Though

Although we get what McCullers is trying to say, and acknowledge that we have written articles on the player remarking on his incredible rise to the ranks of the Major League’s elite whilst referencing his 5 feet 6 inches, superstars are very rarely this small! Besides Phil Rizzuto, Rabbit Maranville, and David Eckstein, it must be noted that it’s an uncommon feature in the world’s best baseball players.

Monday saw Altuve addressing the situation. He stated that, in baseball, a player’s dimensions are really not important. He added that tall or short, skinny or fat, if you have talent and you love to play, you’ll probably make it.

Altuve is a Perfect Player

Altuve’s all-round skills have made him, in the words of his manager, A.J. Hinch, a perfect baseball player. In this season he has led the Majors in hitting at .346, and delivered 24 home runs, stolen 32 bases, and brought his usual stellar defence to second base. It really is his time to shine, and he’s enjoying his place in the sun, literally and figuratively! Teammates and opponents alike marvel at his almost uncanny ability to strike any pitch, at any time, with the bat’s barrel, and he is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The Astros’ catcher, Brian McCann, spoke of Altuve hitting .500 for an entire month this year, in a nod to the torrid stretch Altuve enjoyed from June 27th through to July 27th. He added that Altuve was playing a different game, and that McCann had last managed that in high school!

A Serious Contender for the Hall of Fame

As far as the Hall of Fame is concerned, McCullers was not exaggerating. Altuve, at just 27-years old, has made 1 250 hits. Only three other players in the Top 10 list have had more hits at that age, namely Pete Rose, Ty Cobb, and Hank Aaron, and it looks like Altuve is set for inclusion in the list of the very best baseball players.