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The Red Sox Response to Their Season-Ending Loss

Although there was momentarily a glimmer of hope thanks Rafael Devers’ bracing ninth-inning home run, the Red Sox didn’t make it. Monday saw them having to drop a hard-fought 5 – 4 battle to the Houston Astros. Disappointing both the players and their fans, Boston’s postseason has come to an end in the divisional rounds for the second year running.

Craig Kimbrel’s Response to the Defeat

Craig Kimbrel, pitcher for the Red Sox, said of his ninth-inning pitching that he had gone on to the field and given the game everything he had, adding that that was just not good enough this time. He said that losing was always tough to go through, and this time it was especially hard because the team had initially felt the momentum going their way. They let it slip away, however, which described as unfortunate –something which the punters enjoying the services of NZ betting sites for the game in support of the Red Sox no doubt heartily agree with!

Kimbrel said that his team fought hard, and that was what made coming up as short as they did today especially difficult.

Kimbrel Reply to the Same Season End as 2016

Kimbrel explained that there was no point where the team moves on from previous losses. He said that each baseball team’s goal was to get through the playoffs and win the World Series, and that when the team gets knocked out they review what went wrong and how they can improve their performance.

Kimbrel said that he felt that the Red Sox got two games down, and then came in for the Astros game and put up a good fight. He said that that was really all that anyone could ask for, that the team gave their all, but it didn’t change the fact that this time they fell short.

Kimbrel’s Thoughts on Other Game Aspects

Kimbrel called Chris Sale’s performance in the fourth game phenomenal. He said that he had come in, kept it close, taken the lead, and done all of this on the short day’s rest that he had had. He said that this was more evidence of his team giving it all they had in the game.

Kimbrel went on to say that Devers’ inside-the-park home run had impacted positively on the Red Sox moral, but added that they always thought they had a chance. He pointed out that the team had come back in a number of games in the season so far, and that they never expected to lose they way they did.

Kimbrel’s Ideas for Next Year’s Game Season

Kimbrel stated that although the thought the Red Sox were a good team, their performances would all be looked at, although that was certainly not his job. He said that all he could really do is sit back, absorb what had happened, taking in the season as a hole, and get ready to get working hard once more. He said that the Red Sox also had much to be proud of, playing a long season, and winning their division.