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The soccer phenomenon and how it affects everything

Soccer is a universal sport whose diffusion and hobby increases and a business whose volumes of business generation is impossible to quantify. These multiply and solve the welfare of millions of people. Every week, millions of pairs of eyes are sure to look at their TV screens to watch a game where 22 people fight each other over a ball and each team tries to make a goal against the opponent.
Undoubtedly, its global diffusion should have gratitude to the technology of globalization, whose origin is the revolution of satellites that transforms and modernizes the communications in the world. It will never be known how far the dimension of the multiplicity of businesses and their volumes will go, as well as their profits, especially generated by football. The only disagreement I have with the globalization of communications is that it lacks simultaneous translation in subtitles.

Now it is common to see in restaurants, hotels and similar young people with purchasing power who attend to watch the games, consume in these places, buy T-shirts, paint their faces and perhaps not interested in the position of their favorite team. Soccer is an identity and this sport may now “not really be followed” by people who really understand the position of the standings. They may be only interested in the identity offered by each soccer team and those identities are very important to them.
In football all can happen; fanaticism, joy, sadness and even anger. All have their part in the most popular sport of the universe. Not only related to the passion of people to defend his favorite team, soccer today is associated with a multimillion dollar business associated with gambling. Almost anything can be attributed to gambling bets and the fact says that they can be interesting.

We are not talking anymore about Real’s chances in the next game against Atletico Madrid for example but we are talking about Neymar’s chances to be transferred from PSG to the Spanish capital club. Today’s gambling is not always concentrated on match results but also the possibilities of something interesting in the world of football. All this leads to the strong identity offered by each team and that identity seems to be quite calculated in the association, especially the association among young people. Today, all football gambling fans can find best betting odds guaranteed easily on the Internet.
Especially in football countries like England and Spain, all business can almost be attributed to football. This sport affects many goods and services transactions. All got their share by selling T-shirts (original and fake), sports equipment with favorite teams, cafes associated with a particular team and so on. No one sport really does influence globally other than football. Basketball only has a big influence in the United States and some other countries, baseball has plugged strong nails in the US and Japan, Cricket dominates India, badminton dominates Indonesia, China and Malaysia, but football really dominates in more countries than those sports.