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Welcome Back to Monkey With a Halo

…and we’re back!!!  And this time I mean it.  For all those of you already were regular readers of Monkey With a Halo, we appreciate your patience and are glad to have you back now that we have finished switching from the Fanball blog network (Boo!  Hiss!!  Just kidding, Fanball did their best, but it just wasn’t meant to be.) to the Bloguin Network (Yay!  Hoorah!!).

For those of you who are new to the blog, well, shame on you for just catching a clue now, but I will let it slide… for now.  What you’ve missed out on was one of the most ridiculously awesome Angel blogs on the internets (if I don’t say so myself, in my exceedingly biased opinion).  Don’t believe me?  Just ask ESPN’s Rob Neyer or MLB Trade Rumors or Halos Heaven or the variety of other sites that have all seen fit to link to and comment on some of the posts Monkey With a Halo has produced in the last two years.

Monkey With a Halo has a little something for every Angel fan out there (except illiterate ones, for obvious reasons).  Every weekday morning, the Monkey (that’s me, more on me later), compiles all the recent Angel-related news from around the globe in our Halo Headlines, complete with the Monkey’s unique take on each news story.

Then every day around noon PST, our feature article of the day gets posted.  Sometimes it is brilliant analysis, sometimes it is an insightful editorial, sometimes it is witty satire and sometimes it is a virulent tirade brought on by the fact that Mike Scioscia won’t STOP PLAYING JEFF MATHIS!!!!!  Sorry about that, lost my composure for a second there.  The point is that the daily feature runs the gamut, so whatever your taste is, we’ve got it.

Finally, we end each day with a preview and then recap of the night’s Angel game, or, if the Halos are in the off-season or just not playing that day, we give the fan’s a chance to chime in via a poll, Twitter contest or something similar.

As for me, I am the Monkey.  Actually, my name is Garrett Wilson, I merely ended up as the Monkey inadvertently thanks to the name of the site.  Frankly, it makes sense because I am the only critter that keeps this site up and going.  Technically Bloguin has IT guys who physically keep the site running, but we all know IT people are mostly sub-human.  Me, I’m the “talent” (DISClAIMER: term “talent” used loosely).  Every single word of content that this blog spits out is produced by yours truly.  Despite my bluster, I really am nobody special.  Sure, I’ve spent the last several years writing for various sports outlets (including Hoopsworld, RealGM and Fanball) across the world wide web, I am nothing more than a die-hard Angel fan.  Anyone can call themselves a die-hard, but trust me I am.  Just ask my wife who has had to deal with me constantly demanding that we name our first born son Erstad (she keeps saying no, but I’m starting to wear her down).

Look, I’m no salesman.  I’m a data engineer by day, so I’m lucky that I even know how to communicate with other humans.  I simply ask that you let me content speak for itself.  It is good, it is bountiful and it is for real Angel fans, just like you.

If you really like us, then you can take a quick glance over to the right of your screen and find the “Follow Monkey With a Halo” section of the sidebar which has buttons to either subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter (warning, I can be moody, especially during games) and Facebook.

One final note.  You might notice that despite this being a one-man show, I frequently use the terms “we” and “us.”  That’s because I am considering adding additional bloggers to the site.  If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with why you think you are qualified and include writing samples.