Better Late than Never; Angels top Astros 4-2

I haven't shave since last Sunday. This is partly because I loathe the process of shaving. Ever since I made this monumental decision the Angels have not lost a game. Now I know my folical expansion has no correlation to the Angels' winning streak hitting four games. I am not usually into this sort of superstitious argle fargle ( […]

What a Comeback!! Angels win 10-9

Holy Cow!! When games like tonight happen, the fan in me can't help but get swept up in the moment. There was absolutely no reason for the Angels to win tonight. Down by 7 runs to maybe the best pitcher in the American League following a night when they couldn't manufacture squat. Most nights it's […]

Angels starting to look vintage; defeat Yankees 6-2

Hey, I remember this team. The decent starting pitchng. The shut down bullpen. The timely hitting and agressive baserunnig. The occasionally boneheaded play that ends up meaning nothing in the end. It's as if someone went down to the clubhouse and reminded Mik Scioscia what his teams used to excel at. Over the past two […]

Angels white hot, win 6th straight over Royals

Streaks are strange beasts. Winning or losing is often arbitrary and not always the outcome of the better team playing better. When a team gets on a winning streak, many will attribute it to players feeling more comfortable, or an easier part of the schedule. These factors are surely at play when it comes to the […]

The top 10 MWAH posts of 2012

2012 is drawing to a close.  For the Angels, it was a bittersweet season as they welcomed superstars Mike Trout and Albert Pujols to the team, but also had to stomach the brutal disappointment of missing the playoffs.  But here at MWAH, it was all good as we had our best year ever and even […]


MWAH Top 30 Angels Prospects

The Halo farm system is… well, let's be nice and just say it is interesting.  The talent is there, it just takes a little digging to find it.  And when you do, it is soooo worth it.  Let's not forget that the Angels are a team built largely from their own homegrown products, even with […]


Grading the Angels off-season

What's that you say?  There's no Angels new you say?  Well, of course not.  It is the annual holiday lull in baseball, which makes things pretty had on us blogger sorts.  This year seems to be even more difficult, for me at least, since Jerry Dipoto has already wrapped up his off-season shopping, put a […]

Halo Headlines: the Vernon Wells dilemma, new batting practice caps

The December 28th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including the Vernon Wells dilemma, new batting practice caps and much more… The Story: The dilemma that is Vernon Wells. The Monkey Says: It actually is a tough spot for the Angels.  They obviously don't want Wells, but they kind […]


Aging gracefully: Maddux Vs. Weaver

Coming on the heels of trading Kendrys Morales for Jason Vargas, it seems as though the Angel’s starters are set.  Barring injury, Jered Weaver, CJ Wilson, Tommy Hanson, Jason Vargas and Joe Blanton will open the season in the rotation.  There is even some decent depth behind them with Jerome Williams (Bullpen), Garrett Richards (AAA), […]

Other things found underneath Arte Moreno’s mattress

The cat is out of the bag, ladies and gentlemen.  Thanks to the Josh Hamilton singing and Torii Hunter's big mouth, the secret to Arte's success in business and finances has been revealed. I was told money was tight but I guess the Arte had money hidden under a Mattress. Business is business but don't […]