The copy editors at ESPN Mobile have struck again.  The insensitive pricks that brought you Jeremy Lin’s “chink in the armor” proudly present a celebration of Jered Weaver getting hurt.  See the visual evidence for yourself, captured last night during the Yankees-Angels game courtesy of @TStevens80:

ESPN Mobile Jered Weaver injury

I doubt there was any ill intent meant with those headline choices, but the end result is definitely… unfortunate, especially considering the widely held opinion that ESPN is a homer for the Yankees.  In all likelihood, the sub-headline was quickly thrown up to notify people of Weaver’s first inning exit due to a back problem and whoever the editor was simply failed to notice how poorly it meshed with the main headline.  It definitely doesn’t help though that the main graphic no Angels, not even Weaver, other than Bobby Wilson’s lower body and instead features Derek Jeter sliding home, almost as if they want to rub it in Weaver’s face anymore that he is injured and the Halos are being beaten in his absence. 

The Angels, of course, went on to win the game despite Weaver leaving so early and despite ESPN trying their darndest to cast some bad voodoo in their direction.  Looks like it backfired, so I guess we should be thanking ESPN, right?