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Boxscore Breakdown #82: Let’s win two – Angels 7, White Sox 5

The Angels played two games. They won two games. I am now recapping the second of those two games. I don’t feel particularly into it, so this is the best I can do for a whimsical intro. Sorry. Run Expectancy Rundown Two GIDPs? Seriously, Albert Pujols. I’m trying to defend you, but that isn’t going […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #81: Poor scheduling – Angels 8, White Sox 4

I know that this wasn’t a planned doubleheader, but they still botched up the scheduling for it big time. First off, they set the first game to start pretty late. They were assuring that the second game would start at a pretty late time for the locals in Chicago and also allowing themselves barely any […]

Angels acquire LHP Rich Hill from Boston

Ladies and gentlemen, the Angels bullpen has a lefty again… sort of:

Not exactly a blockbuster acquisition for Jerry Dipoto, but also not a risky one either as Hill was acquired for a little bit of cash, probably just whatever Arte Moreno had in his wallet at the time.

Hill has been kicking around the bigs since 2005, but was converted to relief in 2010 and only then did he start to experience modest success. Very modest as his ERA as a reliever is 4.44 but he does boast 11.0 K/9 and 3.13 FIP. The problem is that his walk rate is 5.78 BB/9. That might explain why he had been whiling away at Triple-A for the BoSox all year.

The Halos have been searching for a left-handed specialist for their bullpen all year and Hill will get a shot at claiming that role, though he isn’t especially effective against left-handed hitters. If he takes the role and runs with it, the Angels will have solved a problem for cheap. If not, Dipoto will have to jump back into the trade market later this month.


Projecting the Angels in the second half

I was going to do a nice review of the projections for the Angels as they enter the second half. It was going to be perfect because the Angels were supposed to play their 81st game yesterday, putting us right at the midpoint of their season. Then the rain had to go and ruin everything. […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. White Sox vs. Throwback

There is no real interesting storyline between these two teams other than maybe the Angels trying to trade with the ChiSox at the deadline, but even that seems doubtful. Instead, all I am really hoping for is that these two squads see fit to wear their throwback uniforms. It isn’t on the schedule, so it […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #78: Not so feel good – Royals 8, Angels 6

After two great previous outings, Matt Shoemaker had become a real “feel good” story. An undrafted talent that turned himself into a legitimate big league pitcher who looked like he might actually stick around for awhile and be productive. Then he had to go and get slammed by the Royals. Sure, every pitcher has bad […]

TRADE ALERT! Angels swap Ernesto Frieri for Jason Grilli

Tired of Ernesto Frieri blowing saves? Fret no more!

That’s right, the Angels traded their disaster of a closer to the Pirates for their disaster of a closer in a classic example of a challenge trade. Chalk this one up to Dipoto taking away toys from Scioscia so that he can’t make trouble anymore.

Don’t mistake Grilli for a savior though. He is basically Frieri but much older as he is an extreme flyball pitcher who has struggled mightily with increased walk and homer rates this year. It is hard to see how coming from the NL to the AL is going to fix that.

Really, the nicest thing I can say about this trade is that it reminds me of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, only now these deck chairs are older and won’t have to be non-tendered this off-season.


Series Preview: Angels vs. Royals vs. Phys and the Wonder Dog

From time to time, I like to flip over to the opposing team broadcast while I watch the Angels. I like Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza just fine, but I think it is fun to here other announcing teams. Besides, it keeps me from getting tired of the Angels crew. I won’t be doing that […]