No, blue, you're not listening. Ziti is and always will be better then elbow macaroni. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Series Preview: Angels vs. Padres vs. Jet Lag

As a blogger, I am very good at separating myself from the Angels, regardless of fandom. Very rarely will I use terms like “we” or “us” when referring to the team and anything that happens on the field. With that being said, I hate losing to Boston. Hate hate hate it. Especially when losing to Boston […]


Remembering Earl Averill

With the Angels playing the San Diego Padres this week, it got me thinking about Earl Averill, one of the original Angels, who won a Most Valuable Player award while playing for the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League in 1958.  The Major League Padres began as a franchise in 1969, but there […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #44: Repeat – Red Sox 6, Angels 1

Remember yesterday when I said that the Boxscore Breakdown for that game was basically going to be the same one as today? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. The numbers may have been a bit different, but the storyline was the same. Napoli got a big homer. The bullpen let a close game get away. The Angels […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #43: Nap time – Red Sox 8, Angels 3

Lesson #1: The Angels should never pitch to Mike Napoli Your browser does not support iframes. Lesson #2: Never means NEVER Your browser does not support iframes. Seriously, just walk him. Napoli lives to torture the Angels. It is all he does. He wouldn’t have a career if not for his 1.163 OPS against the Halos. He didn’t […]

ARLINGTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 11:  Vinnie Pestano #63 of the Los Angeles Angels throws against the Texas Rangers in the fourth inning at Globe Life Park in Arlington on September 11, 2014 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Stat Sunday: The Weak Shall Inherit The Runners

Earned-run average isn’t the most precise measure of a pitcher’s performance over the course of a season, but it usually does a pretty good job of separating the best from the worst. Well, at least for starting pitchers it does. For bullpen guys, things are bit more complicated. One of the primary roles of a […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #42: The return – Angels 12, Red Sox 5

Garrett Richards returned to the scene of his injury, which was surely an emotional moment. He must’ve been so happy to make a clean start and get out of there unscath- WATCH OUT!! Right on the bad knee, too. As Richards said after the game, “Of course.” The other big return though was the Angels […]


Angels Prospect Spotlight: Chris Ellis and Victor Alcantara

They come from worlds apart, but are both wild cards in the Angels system, lottery tickets that will either make the Angels an even more wealthy team in terms of pitching, or trade chips to be used as currency to buy Major Leaguers. Either way, Chris Ellis and Victor Alcantara carry an inherent value that […]

BOSTON, MA - MAY 20:  David Ortiz #34 of the Boston Red Sox reacts after a scoreless seventh inning against the Texas Rangers at Fenway Park on May 20, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Rangers defeat the Red Sox 2-1.  (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Series Preview: Angels vs. Red Sox vs. the Green Monster

As bad as the Angels offense has been this season — and it’s been really, really bad — I think Boston’s has been the bigger disappointment. Most projection systems had the Red Sox coasting to the AL East title on the back of the league’s best offense. It didn’t matter how underwhelming the rotation was, […]

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Second Guessing Scioscia – Free the Featherston

 Welcome to Second Guessing Scioscia, our look back at some of the questionable decisions that Mike Scioscia made in the last week. And, boy, there are some questionable decisions to be reviewed. In the history of this column, we have never once struggled for content. However, we aren’t anti-Scioscia. The official MWAH stance on Scioscia is pro-Scioscia overall. […]