LA Angels Prospects Countdown #28: Daniel Hurtado

Far from the sexiest of pitching prospects, Daniel Hurtado carries a certain amount of intrigue as the starting pitcher who continues to have success despite seemingly being hittable and not having flashy stuff. Sound familiar? Daniel Hurtado 10 words or less: Boring but effective. Can he keep going? Next Shoemaker maybe? Position: SP    Born: 7/25/1992 […]

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Mining the Rule 5 Draft for Talent

If the Angels are looking at supplementing their roster with quality minor leaguers, typically, the Rule 5 Draft is one place to look, but usually not scour. There normally isn’t a ton of talent there, but this year is much different.  Just take a look at the possibilities. 1B/3B Mark Canha – Not enough bat […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #29: Miguel Hermosillo

The Angels farm system has very few high-end athletes in their system thanks to years of drafting “safe” in order to rebuild a baseline of talent. Miguel “Michael” Hermosillo is one of the few exceptions. He’s also incredibly raw, so it remains to be seen if any of that athleticism is ever going to be […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #30: Andrew Daniel

We are so excited to start the 2015 MWAH Angels Prospect Countdown that we can’t even wait until 2015. To kick things off, we’re putting the spotlight on a quick riser from this year’s draft class (get used to that, by the way), Andrew Daniel. Try not to hold it against him that he has two first […]

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Previewing the MWAH Top 30 LA Angels Prospects Countdown

‘Tis the season for prospect lists and the MWAH crew (that would be Scotty and myself) are back for another season of our Top 30 Angels Prospect Countdown. It truly is a testament to the human spirit that so many people spend so much time learning about the prospects in a system that is so […]


What to expect from the Angels at the Winter Meetings

The Winter Meetings draw nigh (you’re welcome for my avoidance of the “Winter Meetings are coming” trope) and the Angels have begun their preparations for them. Or at least we think they have. The Halos have been extremely quiet over the last few weeks, so we can only assume they are busy drawing up their […]

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Toronto Blue Jays

Browsing the non-tender bargain bin

The non-tenders have been announced! It is that wonderful time of year in which all of baseball suddenly turns into an American Picker, sorting through the unwanted droppings of the rest of the league in search of some turd that they can polish into something shiny and pretty. Every fan base thinks their team can do […]