TRADE ALERT: Angels finally get Huston Street from Padres – UPDATED

After days of rumors and a few false alarms, the Angels and Padres look to have finally consummated a deal that will send Huston Street to the Angels:

There is obviously a lot of unknown details about the package, so it is hard to judge properly. However, if one assumes that the unnamed pieces are just low-end prospects, this looks like handsome ransom that the Halos just coughed up to add a reliever, an excellent reliever, but reliever nonetheles. Things could change, however, depending on who those unnamed players turn out to be.

Whatever the case, the Angels finally get themselves a brand name closer. For some, that will be a welcome relief even though Joe Smith had been doing a fine job in the role. But if you set aside the fixation on “proven closers” this is still a big positive for the Halos if only because it improves their bullpen depth which has been an issue for years. That will certainly improve their World Series hopes this year, but it looks like it is going to come at a steep cost to an already depleted farm system.

We’ll keep this post updated as more details on the deal emerge.

Reports have confirmed that the Angels will be adding Jose Rondon to the package while the Padres will be sending over Double-A reliever Trevor Gott. It is the Rondon addition that really changes the dynamics of this trade though. He’s had a breakout year at Advanced-A and is guy who at least has the potential to become an All-Star at a premium defensive position. For him to be included with Lindsey, Alvarez and one other prospect really guts the Angels farm system of anything resembling a high-end prospect and makes this deal a pretty clear win for San Diego, at least in terms of present day value. What those prospects turn into remains to be seen, obviously, but it is a bigger package than anyone would’ve predicted the Padres would get for Street.

Also, it is worth noting that Street has a $7 million club option for 2015, which does increase his value a good amount since he isn’t a rental. It probably doesn’t increase it enough to make Dipoto look savvy here, but it is a mitigating factor.

The final prospect in the deal is SP Elliot Morris. A solid rotation prospect that the Angels drafted in the 4th round of the 2013 draft. Hardly a dealbreaker, but hardly a throw-in either.


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