Series Preview: Angels vs. Tigers vs. MVP

Who is your MVP now, America? Finally, it appears that Trout will be realizing his destiny and taking home the AL MVP this year. They are only 100 games into the season, but he has the award just about wrapped up. It really is a joy if only because it means that this particular series […]


Searching for Kaleb Cowart

Ever since he was drafted, Kaleb Cowart has intrigued me as a prospect analyst.  He’s a unique player in that many of his perceived strengths are typically weaknesses in other players while his weaknesses are things that come to other prospects rather easily.  Case in point…. 1. Cowart is well-built, but his power is still […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #100: As good as a hit – Angels 3, Orioles 2

Remember when you were a kid playing Little League and your coach would tell you that a walk was as good as a hit? And remember how you shrugged that off and swung anyway because hitting the ball was more fun? Yeah, you shouldn’t have done that. Chris Iannetta didn’t do that. Kole Calhoun didn’t […]


Do the Angels have any trade assets left?

The Angels supposedly have one of the worst farm systems in baseball and have already made two trades, both of which they seemingly overpaid in, and yet their name continues to come up in trade rumors. How can this be? What could they possibly have left to deal? Sometimes rumors have a way of getting […]


Evaluating the Huston Street trade three different ways

There are three schools of thought when it comes to assessing who “won” a trade: Waiting to judge a trade until years and years down the road when the careers of all the players involved have played out. This school of thought is baloney and usually espoused by fans on the side of the team […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #99: Good is bad – Orioles 4, Angels 2

The home series winning streak comes to an end but at least it came to an end against a worthy team. The Orioles lead their division and sport an excellent road record. If there was any team that was going to end the streak, Baltimore was as good as any. The problem, in general, is […]

MWAH Angels Trade Deadline Rumor Tracker (Updated – 7/22)

The MWAH Rumor Tracker is back! The trade deadline is fast approaching and the Angels figure to be quite active in at least exploring trades, but that whole “horrible farm system” thing might inhibit how many rumors they will actually pull off. Still, we can track the rumors here all the same. So check back […]


Huston Street and Scioscia-proofing the bullpen

As you likely saw on Twitter or heard from your Angel fan friends or thought in your own brain, the reaction to the Angels’ acquisition of Huston Street has fallen somewhere between outrage and “meh.” Nobody has anything against Street himself. He’s good and there is nothing wrong with adding a quality reliever. One of […]

Halo Headlines

Halo Headlines: the rebuilt Angels bullpen, more Street trade reactions

The July 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including the rebuilt Angels bullpen, more Street trade reactions and much more… The Story: The completely rebuilt Angels bullpen. The Monkey Says: It really is staggering how much turnover there has been. A lot of the improvement came from within, but a lot of that […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Orioles vs. Rumorless

Ten days to go before the trade deadline and the Angels have gone and exited the rumor mill. Where’s the fun in that? With the Halos squaring off against a division leader, this should be the kind of thing seen as a measuring stick and motivate them to make more deals, but Jerry Dipoto had […]


Keys to second-half success

Unless you’re name is Mike Trout, or you live within the fictional television world with perfect wealthy parents and a perfect home-life, no one is going to hand you the keys to a car.  Neither am I.    But I hope this makes you feel better.  If the second half of the season were a […]