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Halo Headlines: LeBlanc designated for assignment, why the Angels didn’t pursue Bartolo Colon

The August 27th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including LeBlanc designated for assignment, why the Angels didn’t pursue Bartolo Colon and much more… The Story: The Angels DFA’d Wade LeBlanc and added Yoslan Herrera to the active roster. The Monkey Says: Cross LeBlanc off the rotation help list. The Angels will turn to…. […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #130: LeBlech – Marlins 7, Angels 1

Yeah, go ahead and trade for Colon, Feldman or Cahill whenever you’re ready, Jerry. The great Wade LeBlanc experiment appears to be dead on arrival. As much as we talk about only need six starts from this rotation spot, the Angels can’t afford to have five more starts like this one. That would mean five […]


Can any September call-ups actually help the Angels?

For some reason, I’ve always had an affinity for the September call-up period. I really shouldn’t because there is seldom ever a case that a September call-up makes a huge impact. The only time I can think of was when when K-Rod got added to the roster in 2002. Come to think of it, that’s probably why […]

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Halo Headlines: Colon and Feldman both pass through waivers, Hamilton’s resurgence just what Angels needed

The August 26th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Colon and Feldman both pass through waivers, Hamilton’s resurgence just what Angels needed and much more… The Story: Bartolo Colon and Scott Feldman both pass through waivers and are free to be traded. The Monkey Says: Remember how everyone was saying no starting pitcher of […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Marlins vs. Teen Titans

We now interrupt this incredibly compelling and tense playoff race to bring you a pretty cool series featuring two of the most talented and exciting young players in the game. I was all set to deride the idea of the Angels having to play an interleague series right in the middle of a pennant race, but […]


Angels Players Power Rankings – Week 22

Dropped From Rankings: Brennan Boesch (didn’t know designated hitters were supposed to, you know, hit) Biggest Faller: Cowgill and Grilli, down three spots each Biggest Riser: Hamilton, up three spots

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Boxscore Breakdown #129: Back on top – Angels 9, Athletics 4

Disaster averted, everyone. Go back to your homes. Nothing to see here. Move along. The Angels are back on top of the AL West and MLB, just as everything should be. All is right with the world once again. No need to panic. Run Expectancy Rundown Basically, everyone was terrific on offense except for David […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #128: Passed by – Athletics 2, Angels 1

The Angels and the A’s playing a one-run game is nothing new. The Angels losing on a passed ball, however, is. This loss really hurt. Not only did they lose the game in a really stupid and frustrating way, but they also threw away one of C.J. Wilson‘s best starts in month. Maybe we should […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #127: First blood – Athletics 5, Angels 3

The playoffs are over a month away, but this game sure felt like the post-season. It is a complete cliche, but this game very much had a playoff atmosphere. Every play seemed to be of the utmost importance. The players certainly appeared to be taking it more seriously. Heck, even the notoriously sparse A’s fans came […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Athletics vs. The showdown begins

So it begins. The two teams poised to battle to the metaphorical death for the AL West crown finally get to meet again for the first time in over two months. With this series, the Angels and A’s kick off the first three games of the ten they have left against each other. That’s ten […]


Second Guessing Scioscia – Week 21: Relapse

Welcome to Second-Guessing Scioscia, our look back at some of the questionable decisions that Mike Scioscia made in the last week. This isn’t because we dislike Scioscia, in fact, MWAH is officially pro-Scioscia. However, we do realize that he is not infallible and hope to use this series to bring light to the decisions in which he […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #126: Long time coming – Angels 2, Red Sox 0

It may not have had a high degree of difficulty given the roster the Red Sox have right now, but for the first time since 1962, the Angels completed a four-game sweep of the Red Sox in Boston. I think that’s impressive, primarily because I assume something that happens once every 50+ years is always impressive. In […]

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Halo Headlines: How will the Angels get by without Garrett Richards? edition

The August 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels: How will the Angels get by without Garrett Richards? edition! The Story: Losing Garrett Richards doesn’t bury the Angels. The Monkey Says: After everyone had a chance to calm down, this was the general consensus. There are certainly nuances involved, but the Angels should still […]

Angels acquire Gordon Beckham for some reason

What do you do as a GM when your team loses its #1 starter? Acquire an underachieving middle infielder, of course!

Yes, for some reason the Angels have traded for Gordon Beckham, apparently to come off the bench. I guess. I don’t really know what he brings to the table though. He is a below average hitter and an average (at best) fielder. He can play third and short, but is primarily a second baseman. There is nothing he brings to the table that a combination of John McDonald and the soon-to-return Grant Green couldn’t provide.

Unless the other shoe drops and we find out that David Freese or Howie Kendrick is hurt, this doesn’t make much sense. For what it is worth, Beckham is under team control in 2015, but is more likely to be non-tendered unless he agrees to take a drastic pay cut.