LA Angels Prospects Countdown #18: Chad Hinshaw

Another in the collection of “grinder” outfielders in the system, Chad Hinshaw has been under the radar, but is now starting to get noticed. Is he ready to stay on the radar now? Chad Hinshaw In 10 words or less: First full season, climbing the ladder quickly. Great tools. Position: OF  Born: 9/10/90 Bats: R   Throws: R Height: […]


The (Not So) Great Angels Second Base Competition

Spring training doesn’t start for several weeks but the Angels are already shaping up to have one of the most competitive position battles in all of baseball. With Howie Kendrick being traded to the Dodgers, the second base job in Anaheim is now wide open. This position battle won’t be a mano-a-mano duel though, but rather […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #19: Bo Way

Bo Way? Yes way! This year’s seventh round draft pick for the Angels looks like he could be something of a diamond in the rough. Even if he isn’t, at least he has a great name. Bo Way In 10 words or less: Mark my words, he will be a major leaguer. Position: OF  Born: 11/17/91 Bats: […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #20: Eric Stamets

How good does a glove need to be to make up for a weak bat? Sweet fielding shortstop prospect Eric Stamets puts that question to the test. Eric Stamets In 10 words or less: Angels future Utility Infielder. Defensive Whiz. Use your speed. Position: SS  Born: 9/25/91 Bats: R    Throws: R Height: 6’0″    Weight: 185 Last Year Rank: […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #21: Austin Wood

Austin Wood has one of the most live arms in the Angels system, but can he actually keep that arm alive? Austin Wood 10 words or less: The right fastball and size to be elite. Anything else? Position: SP    Born: 7/11/1990 Bats: R    Throws: R Height: 6’4″    Weight: 225 2014 Rank: #18 2014 Season Stats   […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #22: Jeremy Rhoades

A fourth round pick in the 2014 and the proud owner of one of the best sliders of the entire draft class, Jeremy Rhoades gives the Angels another interesting arm to add to their (finally) growing collection. Jeremy Rhoades 10 words or less: Starter?  Reliever? Whoa, look at that slider! Position: SP    Born: 2/12/1993 Bats: R […]


LA Angels Prospects Countdown #23: Carlos Perez

Acquired from the Astros earlier this winter to compete for the back-up catcher job, let’s find out exactly what the Angels got in Carlos Perez. Carlos Perez In 10 words or less: No idea who you are. New Hank Conger? (Note: Unlike other prospects, this scouting report is based off video and homework and was written before the […]


The Monkey attempts to #AskDipoto

Today at 11 am, the Angels will graciously hand over the keys to their Twitter to GM Jerry Dipoto. This is a great idea as it gives the reclusive Dipoto a chance to interact directly with the fans. And by “great idea” I mean a terrible idea because by “interact directly with the fans” I mean […]