A different solution to Josh Hamilton’s slump

Josh Hamilton is broken (again) and this time it isn’t so clear that there is an easy way to fix him. Scioscia’s already tried everything in his bag of tricks which pretty much just consists of “mental days off” and a whole lot of crossing his fingers. Sure, Don Baylor has and will continue to spend […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Red Sox vs. The Best

Gosh, this is awkward. The Angels are now officially the best team in baseball. They might also temporarily be the best team in baseball, which is a problem, but a good kind of problem. For the last few years, the Angels have been playing under the pressure of huge expectations and mostly crumbling underneath them. This year, […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #122: Detour – Rangers 3, Angels 2

Welp, Huston Street was bound to blow a save sooner or later. He had been nearly infallible since the trade, but in this one, the Street… was closed. Scioscia probably should’ve gone with… a detour. This is probably a good time to mention that this post is being written while I watch CSI: Miami re-runs. Run […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #121: Lather, rinse, repeat – Angels 5, Rangers 4

Same night, almost the exact same story. The Angels jump out early, the bullpen nearly blows it, only they manage not to. Kole Calhoun leads the offense while Josh Hamilton drags it down. Lather, rinse, repeat. Run Expectancy Rundown Calhoun didn’t supply the power in this one, but he did knock in a few runs […]


Series Preview: Angels vs. Rangers vs. The Heat

It’s so damn hot. Hot in Arlington where game time temperatures are expected to be in the high 90′s or hotter throughout this series. Hot in the AL West standings where the Angels have a chance to overtake the A’s in the near future. Hot in the Wild Card standing where the Seattle Mariners are getting too […]


Second Guessing Scioscia – Week 20: Sacrificial

Welcome to Second-Guessing Scioscia, our look back at some of the questionable decisions that Mike Scioscia made in the last week. This isn’t because we dislike Scioscia, in fact, MWAH is officially pro-Scioscia. However, we do realize that he is not infallible and hope to use this series to bring light to the decisions in which he […]


Monkeying aroung with the dog days of summer

Is this post being written because I couldn’t think of a better, more meaty topic for today? Or is it being written as a thinly veiled excuse to use the above photo of a monkey riding a dog? Does it really matter? No, the answer to one of those questions, maybe even all of those […]