MLB: All Star Game

The awards the Angels won’t be getting

Earlier this week, the BBWAA announced their finalists for the major end of season awards. The Angels had some representation but, like most fan bases, Angels fans didn’t think there was enough Angels getting respect in the awards. Those fans are wrong. Allow me to explain Jered Weaver will not be winning AL Cy Young We know from […]


Questioning Huston Street’s 2014 season

After years of searching, the Angels finally got their hands on a bona fide CloserTM. It only took a few years, half a dozen failed closers and a trade that gave away half of an already thin farm system, but Huston Street arrived mid-season to finally provide some end of game stability for the Halos. Did […]


Questioning Josh Hamilton’s 2014 season

Am I really going to do this? I guess I have to. Alright, here we go with the questioning of Josh Hamilton‘s 2014 season. This could take awhile. It might also require a few anti-depressants. Was Hamilton really as bad as everyone seems to think he was? No… and yes. On the season, Hamilton had a […]

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Boston Red Sox

Questioning Garrett Richards’ 2014 season

The Angels spent the entirety of their last offseason trying to find a young arm, high-end arm for their rotation. Little did they know they had one in their rotation already as Garrett Richards blossomed into a bona fide ace. Then he went and blew his knee out on a routine fielding play because DAMMIT. How […]

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels

Questioning Albert Pujols’ 2014 season

After a depressing, injury-riddled 2013 season, the Angels got a nice bounceback season from their quarter-billion dollar man, Albert Pujols. He still didn’t exactly play up to his contract though, so perhaps the excitement should be tempered a bit. Did Albert bounceback enough? In 2013, Albert was playing on one leg for all intents and purposes […]

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels

Questioning Tyler Skaggs’ 2014 season

The prodigal pitching prospect returned to the Angels organization in 2014 only to be lost again. Just when the Angels thought they’d added a solid young arm to their rotation for years to come, Tyler Skaggs had to ruin a perfectly promising season by blowing out his elbow and going down with Tommy John surgery. Before the […]


What will Jerry Dipoto do?

Earlier this week, I detailed what I would do if I were the GM of the Los Angeles Angels this offseason. As brilliant as my plan might be, apparently people would rather know what the “real” GM of the Angels has planned for this offseason. Yeah, apparently because Jerry Dipoto is “actually employed” by the […]


Questioning Howie Kendrick’s 2014 season

2014 might have been the best season of Howie Kendrick‘s career. None of his numbers really jump off the page, but when you look at all the different aspects of his game, he’s never been more complete. Where did his biggest improvement come from? Kendrick has always been a good defender, but he was pretty […]