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Boxscore Breakdown #145: No cycle for you – Angels 8, Rangers 1

Because the Angels basically have the AL West and the best record in baseball in the bag, the fans are running out of things to care about in these final weeks. Despite it being a farily close game in the early going, the talk was all about Albert Pujols gunning for the cycle. There might […]


Matt Shoemaker, extension candidate?

The Angels are in a really tight luxury tax situation for the next few years, because of that, I’ve suggested before that they probably need to pass on giving a contract extension to Kole Calhoun, despite him being an obvious candidate for such a deal. The potential savings just don’t justify the increase in his salary […]


The Angels should be concerned about Josh Hamilton, but not too much

Yesterday we learned that the Angels are looking for a shoulder to cry on because Josh Hamilton has been crying about his shoulder. At last check, they were “growing concerned” about his health. Another few days, and they should have advanced through the adolescence of their concern to fully mature grownup concern. Whatever shall they do […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #144: At it again – Angels 9, Rangers 3

Another game, another big inning, another win over another lousy team. Life is pretty easy for the Angels right now. Let’s hope they don’t get too used to is as things are going to start getting hard again next week and won’t let up until the Halos’ post-season run ends. Run Expectancy Rundown Collin Cowgill […]

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Halo Headlines: Angels ‘concerned’ about Josh Hamilton, Thatcher to be activated this weekend

The September 10th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels ‘concerned’ about Josh Hamilton, Thatcher to be activated this weekend and much more… The Story: The Angels have expressed growing concern over Josh Hamilton’s shoulder injury. The Monkey Says: He has missed more games than expected and doesn’t seem to be progressing. He […]

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Series Preview: Angels vs. Rangers vs. Parallel

It is incredibly easy to sit back and laugh at the hapless Rangers after their shockingly awful season. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did exactly that in the series preview one of the last times these two played. I’m not going to do that this time because it is eerily easy to see how the roles […]


Projecting the Angels playoff roster

Now that we are well past the point of worrying about jinxing things (if the Angels now lose their next 19 games, I apologize), it is time we start talking about what the Angels playoff roster is going to look like. The Halos have had a remarkably stable lineup and pitching staff the last few months, […]

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Halo Headlines: Angels 2015 schedule released, Jairo Diaz added to roster

The September 9th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels 2015 schedule released, Jairo Diaz added to roster and much more… The Story: The 2015 schedule for the Angels has been released. The Monkey Says: In a shocking development, they will once again play 162 games. The high points here are that they start the […]

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Boxscore Breakdown #142: All the run support – Angels 14, Twins 4

A good old fashioned butt-whooping. That’s just what the Angels needed to inspire a little confidence in the offense. Also, they probably needed 14 runs just to be sure they had enough run support to actually win a C.J. Wilson start. Run Expectancy Rundown First off, that’s just way too many players in this game. I […]